Local planning applications.

We try and keep up to date on local planning applications that may cause concern. These are discussed at the bi-monthly DRA meeting. The information has to be downloaded from the ‘weekly list’ of planning applications on the Welwyn Hatfield Council web site. We try to advise the planning authority if we have an opinions on any applications.

We continue to monitoring the ‘creep’ of developments on New Road where single dwelling are being turned into flats. This is contrary to the guidelines in the ‘Digswell Character Appraisal’ – developed by the WelHat Council in 2004 – which clearly states that the property in this part of Digswell should be single dwellings. The development of 54 New road – The Red House, continues with further consent being given for extra flats.

It appears that Welwyn Hatfield Council are under considerable pressure to give consent to applications for more housing, even when it contravenes the local guidelines.

Offers of help with this work of monitoring planning would be welcome.


Yopu can see this weekly lists as follows:

The Welwyn Hatfield Borough Coucil publish a list of planning applications every Friday. These can be seen and downloaded from: