Welwyn Hatfield Borough Coucil's Local Plan for future housing:

Re-Examaination  of Sites for the WHBC Local Plan'
The site 'Dig1' is to be included in a re-examaination of sites to be re-included in the draft Local Plan for housing at a hearing before the Planning Inpector in March. Submissions to the hearing have to be supplied by 15.2.21.
Am email about this has been sent to members.
January 2021 Update:
Webcast from the WHBC meeting with verbal update on the plan from head of planning Colin Haigh:

Extract from the DRA 2020 Spring Newsletter:

The Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has been working hard to bring this to a conclusion. The result of the ‘call for sites’ and review of those proposed sites (for inclusion in the Local Plan) resulted in a final version allowing for just over 14,000 houses to be built in the Borough up to 2036. This however fell short of the target set by the Planning Inspector of 16,000. Whilst this, does not affect Digswell at present, we can forsee that, as the total will need to be increased, Digswell sites could be included at a later stage. We need to keep a close watch on the situation.

The Council has now set out changes to the draft plan and we all are asked to comment on these. They say:
Following meetings of the Council’s Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel and The Cabinet in January 2020, the Council is now consulting on potential additional site allocations and other changes to site allocations in the Draft Local Plan 2016. Consultation is also being carried out on the Addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal of the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan (February 2020), and the Habitats Regulations Assessment Updated HRA Report (February 2020).

The last meeting held of the WHBC Cabinet Parking & Planning Panel was in January. The minutes are available HERE

The 2019 consulation on future possible sites in the area has been published. Details can be seen at the Council's site: HERE


The Welwyn Hatfield Council have called for landowners to submit land to be considered for inclution in the draft Local Plan.
Their consultaion with residents about these sites finished on 18th June 2019.

The Digswell Residents Association have a carried out a survey of all households in Digswell about the five sites surrounding the village and have drawn up a summary of views from the responses recieved  This summary has been sent to the Welwyn Hatfield Coucil. You can download a copy: DRA Sites Survey

Maps of the Digswell sites - promoted by landownwers to be included in the future Local Plan - can be viewed :Digswell Sites

Welwyn Hatfield Coucil's 'Local Plan' Newsletter is here: Local Plan Newsletter May 2019

Welwyn Hatfield Coucil's letter about the consultation over the proposad sites is here: WHBC Letter



Report to the 2018 AGM

The new ‘Local Plan’ - News from the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council:

“Examination of the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan has continued.

Stage 4 hearing sessions took place the week commencing 25 June 2018. These focused on policies and proposals relating to Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield including housing allocations.

What happens next?

Stage 5 hearing sessions were scheduled to take place in the Council Chamber at the council offices on Tuesday 6 November. These hearing sessions are to examine the Green Belt Study Stage 3 but will not include discussion of individual site allocations. Additional hearing sessions for site allocations will be arranged later in the examination. Further details relating to the hearing sessions will be published here when available.

The week commencing 10 December 2018 has been set aside for the Stage 6 hearing sessions. Confirmation of the dates and programme will be announced following the Stage 5 hearing sessions.”
More information about the progress of the Local Plan can be found on the Council’s web site.


Local planning applications.

We try and keep up to date on local planning applications that may cause concern. These are discussed at the bi-monthly DRA meeting. The information has to be downloaded from the ‘weekly list’ of planning applications on the Welwyn Hatfield Council web site. We try to advise the planning authority if we have an opinions on any applications.

We continue to monitoring the ‘creep’ of developments on New Road where single dwelling are being turned into flats. This is contrary to the guidelines in the ‘Digswell Character Appraisal’ – developed by the WelHat Council in 2004 – which clearly states that the property in this part of Digswell should be single dwellings. The development of 54 New road – The Red House, continues with further consent being given for extra flats.

It appears that Welwyn Hatfield Council are under considerable pressure to give consent to applications for more housing, even when it contravenes the local guidelines.

Offers of help with this work of monitoring planning would be welcome.

Peter Holt
DRA Planning Co-ordinator


The new ‘Local Plan’

The Local Plan is in progress and the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council have developed it to provide for over 12,00 new homes within their area. This plan is subject to final independent inspection by a government planning inspector. Hearings have been taking place during September and October and into November. The Local Plan News for is posted on the DRA web site.