Re : Welwyn North Railwat Station timetable 2018

 Following recent concerns expressed by some regular commuters from Welwyn North station as to the future of our village train services, I thought it prudent to outline what is currently being planned for the 2018 timetable in order to reassure residents. Your Welwyn Parish Councillor for Digswell dealing with the train operator, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) on this is Councillor Peter Neville. Peter is fully supported in his efforts by the Digswell Residents Association.

Next year, and until 2018, (probably December), no significant change is likely to occur, although new modern and air-conditioned trains will be steadily introduced across the GTR network. Currently, there is now free Wi-Fi (o2 Network) available at over 100 GTR stations, including Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage and Kings Cross, but sadly not Welwyn North.

 Around Dec 2018, our ‘off peak’ southbound local trains will cease to terminate at London Kings Cross, but instead will be diverted south of Finsbury Park via a new link tunnel, which you may have seen west of the line, to run via St Pancras (Thameslink), Farringdon, City, Blackfriars, London Bridge, and then non-stop to Swanley, thence on to Maidstone. The ‘Cambridge Flyers’ will however continue to terminate at Kings Cross, but as these do not call at Welwyn North, should not concern us.

 This diversion will give Eurostar passengers the opportunity to change trains at St. Pancras station, and saves crossing the road from Kings Cross. Passengers from here to Gatwick Airport and Brighton destinations will have it even more convenient, as they will be able to alight at St Pancras, and wait on the same platform for their onward train.

 At the same time, there will be no more through services north to Peterborough. Instead all local stopping trains north of Welwyn North will continue on to Cambridge. Connections for stations to Peterborough should be made at either Stevenage or Hitchin as there is no platform change required. According to GTR, passenger demand for stations to Cambridge is much higher than Peterborough.

 Further service details are being discussed, although, frustratingly, Govia have not yet revealed anything about their rush-hour service intentions and more meetings are planned with Rail User Groups going forward. As soon as more details become known, I will update you.

Kind regards,

 Derek Skingle

 Transport & Parking Coordinator

Digswell Residents Association